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Out of all the hypothetical watches laid out in this article, this is the only one that has some tangible evidence to back it up. Just last month, a patent that perfect replica Rolex had filed in 2022 came to light. And what was on that patent? Oh, just a description of a bi-color ceramic bezel in red and black.

The “Coke” bezel of course has a strong history within the luxury fake Rolex GMT-Master II line. In fact, the original GMT-Master II that was released in 1982 had a Coke bezel, distinguishing it at the time from the “Pepsi” GMT-Master that would remain alongside it in production for several years. The Coke GMT was produced from 1989 — 2005, but only in an aluminum variant — we’ve never seen a Coke bezel in Rolex’s durable Cerachrom ceramic material. It certainly seems like aaa quality replica Rolex is working on one, though, and hopefully, we’ll get to see it this year.

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