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Now a core part of the fake watch collecting landscape, collaborations come in all shapes, sizes and levels of… ‘oh, they really went for it?’ Horology is — famously — a pretty slow moving beast, but in recent years a much-discussed and, ideally, hard-to-acquire new collaboration is 101 when it comes to building hype and reaching new wrists. You need a rapper, a blockbuster, or a cartoon frog to play the game these days.

Below we’ve counted down some of our favourite Swiss made replica watches collaborations of all time. The rare pizza Swiss copy Rolex, the most coveted collab in the world, and a three-way meeting of design genius.

Fake Rolex x Domino’s
Up there as one of the more incongruous luxury watch partnerships, back in the 80’s, Tom Managhan, the founder of Domino’s Pizza, began dishing out cheap replica Rolex Air Kings and Oyster Perpetuals to franchise managers who were bringing in the dough (sorry) on a regular basis, an incentive that became the stuff of legend in watch collecting circles. These were legitimate Swiss movement fake Rolex factory produced models, which were a big thing amongst corporate circles celebrating a promotion, retirement, or just selling loads of pizza.

Replica Breitling Top Time x Triumph
Brad Pitt wears best 1:1 Breitling replica watches and rides Triumph motorbikes, so we’d expect to see some love for this collab from the Hollywood A-lister. He’s not the only person who’s into motorbikes and watches, so dropping a watch that comes with a Triumph sounds like a triumph in itself to all who celebrate (those two luxuries). Swiss movement fake Breitling’s Top Time range has quickly become one of its most popular collections and this is the best. £6,250.

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