How Could You Refuse These Fancy Emmanuel Bouchet Complication One Watches?

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What would catch your attention for a watch? Appearance, function, price or the concept? Compared with the original watches, the watches with complicated function would always attracted more attention. For the price, if you like it, regardless of price. For the concept, the only loved one, that should be OK!

Today, I want to introduce you a special brand and watches that with all these features, and also letting us verify, as a watchmaking brand, if want to be successful, whether have a good way?

That is Emmanuel Bouchet, this french watchmaker established his brand with his name in 2014, and at the same year, in Salon QP London, published his first watch, Complication One.

If seeing these special fake Emmanuel Bouchet Complication One watches at the first glance, you would think they are not so special, just with three simple small dials. But taking a close look, you would find that these small dials as if suspend above the big dial.

For this fake Emmanuel Bouchet watch, it with interesting design, upon the dial there is an escapement device and different watches with different color escapement devices. The case of this delicate fake Emmanuel Bouchet also can with different color change, except the basic titanium color and rose gold color, also with the black DLC and the blue titanium, so charming and wonderful.

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