Hublot Replica Watches Lang Lang in Porto Cervo & St Tropez

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— Stopping off from his world tour—with more than 80 dates Lang Lang gave two pop-up concerts in two temporary summer cheap replica Rolex sites.

Hublot Lang Lang

Like a real rock star, the 32 year old virtuoso has conquered the word of music in its broadest sense. With his trendy look, his talent and his generosity, he transcends classical music and blends every tempo. His renowned duos with the Four Horsemen from Metallica, Jazzman Herbie Hancock or the Tenor Placido Domingo have demonstrated his boundless mastery of the ivories and the ease with which he permanently reinvents himself.

The internationally renowned prodigy did not shrink back from adding to the 80 tour dates that already fill his diary. Two locations, two audiences and two improvised repertoires for two exclusive concerts.

Porto Cervo – July 1, 2015

The young pianist gave an original and unique private concert in Harrods’ Village in the heart of the Porto Cervo Marina. Lang Lang improvised on stage for 30 minutes drawing his inspiration from his surroundings. An exclusive concert on the sidelines of his world tour, to which 50 friends and elected representatives were invited by Hublot. Lang Lang came to the Emerald Coast by boat. Like many artists, the virtuoso has his rituals and his cherished items; he never performs without his own piano, a Steinway, and his Swiss replica Rolex watches, a Big Bang Carbon Bezel Baguette Diamonds. The fact he was there on that day was not down to chance. A major event occurred on July 1, the official inauguration of the Hublot summer store in the Harrods’ village at Porto Cervo, of which the brand is a partner.

Lang Lang in Porto Cervo.
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St Tropez – July 2, 2015

600 km and a few hours later, the pianist landed in St Tropez,and was welcomed by Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot and Chairman of LVMH Fake Watches Division. After a warm welcome in keeping with Hublot’s style, all the guests went to Club 55 to celebrate his birthday. He performed in the famous Place des Lices at White 1921, a pop-up boutique hotel.

Lang Lang in St Tropez.
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This concert also marks Hublot’s support for Lang Lang’s work to prevent illegal trading in ivory from elephant tusk. The young prodigy is committed to supporting the Ivory Free campaign with Wild Aid, The African Wildlife Foundation and Save the Elephants. Hublot is backing the cause for two months starting in July by donating part of the profit from its St-Tropez store.

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