IWC Aquatimer Fake Swiss Watches With Black Dials Discounted For New Year

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When the new year is coming, do you want to buy a new watch for yourself to have a new beginning? IWC Aquatimer replica watches with automatic mechanical movements are a good choice. They have exquisite designs full of interesting details. The diameter of round titanium cases is 46mm. Their hour markers are applied indexes with luminescent coatings and a small date indicator is set at 3 o’clock.

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There are red hour and minute hands covered with white luminescence making the black dial look colorful. There is a white semi-circle with black scale showing the diving depth. The small red hand marks the deepest place in the semi-circle and the blue one moves to show the current diving depth. There is a black button controlling the red depth hand to zero. Their complicated functions are supported by Cal. 30120, self-winding mechanical movements with 21 jewels.


The movements can provide 42-hour power to the running mechanism. Their inner and outer bezels are carried with SafeDive systems. There is an exquisite pattern of a diver’s helmet engraved on the case back. IWC copy watches with black rubber straps are waterproof to 100m. The sporty styles and innovative designs are attractive to young men.

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