New Patek Philippe Complications Fake Men’s Watches At Low Price

Patek Philippe Complications replica watches with mechanical movements CH 28-520 HU have blue dials. The hour markers are gold three-dimensional indexes covered with luminescent coatings. The two white gold hands in the center show the time. A small blue subdial is used as a instantaneous 30-minute counter at 6 o’clock.


They have complicated functions. The outermost circles of blue dials are carried with 24 time zones. There is also a 24-hour indicator with day/night background. The other central chronograph hand is used to show the second time zone. Their reliable movements with 38 jewels can wind up automatically and vibrate 28,800 times one hour. They are made up of 343 parts and equipped with Gyromax balances and Spiromax spirals.


The diameter of white gold cases is 39.5mm. Patek Philippe copy watches with matte navy blue alligator straps have transparent casebacks that can show the running movements. Patek Philippe always pursues perfection and innovation and tries to apply advanced technologies to the products. they have excellent movements, complicated functions and delicate appearances. Every detail would become the reason for people to buy.

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