Shawn Mendes and Will Poulter vie for who has the biggest summer replica watches energy

Shawn Mendes and Will Poulter

When the summer sun is out out, celebs like nothing better than basking in it, then flaunting their bare arms. So far, Shawn Mendes and Will Poulter top our imaginary list of fave summer fake watches online guy flexes – each for entirely different reasons.

The criteria to be considered? They must be famous, out and about enjoying summer, and most importantly, wearing something on their wrist that’s a real statement piece (festival wristbands don’t count).

George Russell – Fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual Tiffany blue
North Norfolk’s most famous F1 driver sure knows how to hit holiday mode. Having lapped up some Wimbledon action late last month, he’s since been spotted catching some rays on a boat with his girlfriend Carmen Montero Mundt. Gotta counterbalance all the highs and adrenaline rushes throughout an F1 season with some chill time, right George? We’re used to seeing him in a Mercedes boilersuit and cheap fake IWC Big Pilot of some kind so it was a pleasant surprise to see him in an unbuttoned linen shirt, legs out and some non-IWC killer pieces on high rotation for the off season; namely a Rollie OP in the OG Tiffany Blue – à la Kendrick Lemar’s go-to. Matching Swiss made replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual with his GF though is an even more baller move, as seen here. Kudos.

Justin Bieber – Replica Rolex Cosmograph Daytona yellow gold

Summer date night for the Biebers calls for a smart-casual short sleeve shirt and a big gold watch check of an entirely different nature. For anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure, the weight of an 18ct gold AAA fake Rolex Daytona is something to behold – champagne dial and all. It packs a punch, which is probs why the ‘Sorry’ singer likes wearing it. Despite having a rather envious super clone watch collection, these days (but for his numerous tattoos) his wrists tend to be naked, so it is a welcome surprise to see him rocking this bad boy. While we’d like to think he regularly blasts those chronographs while clocking fast laps in fast cars, we can’t guarantee they’ve seen the action they are primed for.

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