So You Collect Swiss Fake Watches For Sale, But What Else? This Is How You Make The Hobby More Fun

I seldom write about my own collecting philosophy. That’s changing, sure. But I don’t like talking about myself, and even more so I don’t like talking about my things. In small collector groups and forums it’s fun, but these days Instagram flex culture has made the “show and tell” aspect of collecting feel icky. But I’m going to break my own rules here because there’s a type of collecting that I think is underserved by watch media, and that’s collecting around a watch. We spend so much time debating the watch itself, we can lose sight of how the high quality replica watches can serve as a stepping stone to so much more. Collecting around a watch makes this hobby more fun.

So what exactly does that mean?

It’s a term I made up, but it’s almost intuitive. It’s a thematic approach to watch collecting that uses the watch as a starting point to explore objects connected to a person, place, event, or period in time. It’s about collecting pieces of the story that are connected to the watch in one way or another. It’s collecting bits and bobs that help build out the watch’s world, and this collecting philosophy helps frame the AAA US fake watches in a more meaningful way.

For me, it’s another way to participate in the story about a watch. I collect patches and mementos from the era or world the watch is a part of. It’s a whole lot cheaper than buying more perfect replica watches, and researching all the little objects tied to the watch just adds to the conversation. Other times it’s more personal rather than historical. Either way, it’s a great way to engage with watch collecting in a way that isn’t just about the watch.

Here are some of my small collections around a watch. I’ve asked some friends to show me their collections, too.

The Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Watches And The Jet Age

When I was very young the Antonov An-225 Mriya stopped by Newark Airport for the public to tour. My dad picked up a commemorative coin and I put it on my shelf. A few years later I took my first trip on a BA 747. I got a small, metal, scale-model plane to commemorate the occasion. Decades later I had the opportunity to sit down with pilot and astronaut David Williams to talk best copy watches. I picked up a patch from the gift shop of the museum where we filmed to commemorate the occasion. The luxury replica Rolex GMT-Master watches symbolizes the incredible advancements and achievements in aviation that humankind has achieved. All these little personal mementos are also a reminder of that. I also found this ’50s custom-embroidered flight jacket (below) that belonged to a member of the Flying Shriners, a Masonic society. To me, it pairs perfectly with the GMT.

Friends’ Collections

I’m not alone in collecting around the Swiss made super clone watches. I reached out to a few buds to share what non-watch watch items they’ve added to their collections.

This is my 1:1 wholesale fake Rolex GMT Master II “Coke” watches accompanied by my most prized possessions. Each one is just an “item” but has immense meaning. When going through navy/marine flight school, you are issued a heavily regulated leather jacket. After watching a student in tears having to hand his in after flunking out, I told myself I would never be that guy. Always work harder. Next is my memorial bracelet for an extremely dear friend who passed away doing the same job. It is my constant reminder that our time here is finite and to enjoy every day we’re here as the next is not promised. Especially in the business of military aviation. My gold wings were earned after the two hardest years of my life and remind me that through hard work there is boundless joy. Lastly, there is my GMT. My father got his on R&R in the Vietnam War and it’s my daily reminder that we stand on the shoulders of giants.

This China replica Rolex ’59 Submariner 5512 watches was worn by its original owner as a marine blockading Cuba during the Missile Crisis, the Infantry Advisor for the 1st Korean Marine Division, and the commanding officer of the 1st Force Reconnaissance Company during the Tet Offensive. Not having children, he gifted the watch to his friend Andrew for his birthday in 2016, asking him to restore the original bezel and hands that had been replaced, and to pass it down to his children one day.

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