Sardinia embodies all that Fawaz Gruosi, de Grisogono’s founder,  enjoys and everything that makes him what he is: generosity, integrity, diversity, human warmth, love of life.

de Grisogono tells the story of Sardinia and Porto Cervo like a fairytale in several chapters, where the Gruosi family, celebrities and nature share centre stage and where the de Grisogono jewellery creations sparkle. Rolex Replica Watches them on the links below.

A Sardinian story

Chapter 1 – The story of a fairytale

Chapter 2 – Porto Cervo true harmony between people and the Earth

Chapter 3 – The Gruosi family, 40 years of history at Porto Cervo.

Chapter 4 – Land of dreams, and love. Filled with life. Symbol of freedom.

Chapter 5 – Spectacular festivities, an exquisite décor, an exceptional host – Porto Cervo

Chapter 6 – Video: It’s good to be back