The Swiss Top Fake Rolex Yacht-Master Watches Turn 30 And Celebrates It With A New Edition

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The Yacht-Master turns 30 and luxury Rolex replica watches celebrates it with a new version in yellow gold. It is the best reason we can think of to get a boat skipper license.

The 1:1 US Rolex Yacht-Master fake watches represents a curious case in the Rolex catalogue. She is a rather lesser known model than her older brother Submariner. So much so that many fans hardly take it into account as the first option when buying a sports watch from the brand. However, whoever gets caught up in the Yacht-Master’s charms is very likely to end up swearing eternal love to him. She is a special piece, there is no doubt about that.

The recent launch of the new version in yellow gold has brought this model created for lovers of sailing back to the present day. It was the last missing piece in the upgrade program that Rolex undertook in 2015, but we had better go back to the origins of the high quality replica Rolex watches first.

The origins of the Yacht-Master

The best Rolex Yacht-Master copy watches was the only original model presented by Rolex in the 1990s. Its creation responded to the close link that unites the brand with the world of sailing since the firm’s inception. In fact, as a curious fact, the name had already been used previously in a version of the Daytona Cosmograph that Rolex made in the 1960s for sailors.

However, that perfect Rolex Yacht-Master replica watches that came to light in 1992 had nothing to do with the famous Rolex chronograph. It consisted of an evolution of the popular Submariner, with a series of technical modifications and, not least, accompanied by a more sophisticated presentation. After all, we are talking about a watch created to be worn on the deck of a ship, and not to be used as a diving instrument. And this was reflected in the first version of the model, conceived with a 40-millimeter diameter yellow gold case and a bidirectional rotating bezel with a raised scale that has become the symbol of the Yacht-Master.

Aware of its very special nature, the Yacht-Master has placidly enjoyed its small niche in the Rolex catalog in these 30 years of life. She periodically received the corresponding updates from her. Among the most special is the one from 1999, when the Swiss movements Rolex super clone watches adopted the Rolesium concept, the combination of a steel case and a platinum bezel, still present in the current Yacht-Masters and not repeated in any other model in the Rolex catalogue.

2015, a key year for the Rolex Yacht-Master

But it would not be until 2015 when the Yacht-Master experienced its great revolution, and the AAA China replica Rolex watches took on the importance it retains today in the firm’s catalogue. That year, Rolex finally decided, to the delight of its fans, to incorporate a strap with a flexible finish, named Oysterflex and made of an elastomer with a similar appearance to rubber, although with technical conditions superior to this well-known material. This Oysterflex strap debuted on a rose gold-cased Yacht-Master and suddenly the watch took on an appeal that many fans had not previously found in it. The modernization continued in 2019 with the arrival of the white gold version with a 42-millimeter case, which was completed this year with the new yellow gold version.

Rolex Yacht-Master in yellow gold

This cheap Rolex fake watches retains the mix of functionality and sophistication that the first Yacht-Master already boasted 30 years ago. As we have mentioned, the yellow gold case is finished off with a bezel in the same material and a black ceramic disc with the scale in relief. As a curiosity, the bezel is not unidirectional like that of the Submariner, but can move in both directions. The rest of the technical characteristics are similar to those of the already known models, including its water resistance to 100 meters or the choice of the latest generation caliber 3235 and automatic winding, with a Superlative Chronometer certificate.

The yellow gold Yacht-Master is presented in a unique version with a 42-millimeter case, black dial and Oysterflex strap in the same color. Its price is 26,900 euros, 1,200 euros cheaper than the white gold version presented three years ago. In any case, the followers of the Yacht-Master still have at their disposal the most classic reference with a steel case and bracelet, 40 mm and a platinum bezel. With a price of 11,650 euros, its version with a slate dial is still one of the most beautiful 2022 Rolex replica watches that we can find in the Rolex catalogue.

More news

The yellow gold reference has not been the only Yacht-Master novelty of 2022. The crown firm has also presented a very special version of the model in white gold with the dial made of hawk’s eye, a semi-precious stone based on quartz . Beyond the spiritual virtues that some cultures grant to this stone, the spectacular finish that the Yacht-Master achieves with this new sphere is unquestionable.

Nor should we forget that, given its natural origin, each Rolex Yacht-Master fake watches online store with this dial is unique in the world, since it is impossible for two stones to repeat the same pattern.

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