Two Swiss Fake Watches With Rectangular Cases For Recommendation

  1. Longines DolceVita Copy Watches With Black Alligator Straps

Longines replica watches are carried with L176 Calibre that are quartz movements. The stainless steel cases are 37mm in length and 23mm in width. The painted Roman numbers and central two blue-steel hands show the hour and minute. There is also a small square dial for seconds at 6 o’clock. The silver dials are textured with ‘flinque’ patterns. The watch body is slender, suitable for women’s wrists. The alligator straps offer a comfortable experience for wearers.


2. Cartier Tank Replica Watches With Silver Dials

Cartier copy watches also are driven by quartz movements that are very reliable. The rectangle steel cases are 31mm in length and 24.4mm in width. The shape is more like a square. The black Roman numbers and central two blue steel hands show the time, just like the one above. The sword hands are of Cartier iconic type. But there are no small second dials. A convex spinel is inset on the steel crown. Their black alligator straps with steel folding clasps make wearers feel comfortable.


These two Swiss fake watches have many common places. Their glasses are all made of sapphire crystal. They are all waterproof to 30m. They have similar appearances but also subtle differences. Their designs all make them be the classic and outstanding ones for Longines and Cartier.


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