Watch Design — What Makes Luxury Replica Watches Highly Legible?

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If scale is a hammer, then functional minimalism is a scalpel. How much of a design can you cut away to maintain only the bare functional minimum? This is a much harder way to accomplish great legibility, but it is equally effective.

If a watch has to be optimally legible, you remove every non-essential detail. This is why military replica watches for sale often don’t feature brand logos on the dial. The so-called “sterile dial” allows the wearer’s vision to register nothing but the information that matters, and that naturally boosts legibility.

If we stick with pilot’s fake watches online for a moment, you can see the interaction between scale and functional minimalism at work. Traditionally, the Breitling Navitimer has a very cluttered, busy dial. Thus, you need it to be bigger to remain legible. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you find the original 1:1 replica Rolex Air King. With nothing but three hands and a bunch of indices, this watch could be much smaller while retaining perfect legibility.

The first-generation Air King measured a mere 33mm across. The AAA quality fake Breitling Navitimer measured a comparatively massive 41mm. There is no right or wrong here, just different priorities within the design objectives. Of course, the calibers inside dictate size as well, but, in this example, the manufacturers likely wouldn’t have chosen differently if the movements were the same size.

An experienced Swiss made fake watches designer will likely have several more tools than the three primary ones described above. The key takeaway, however, is that there are several knobs one can turn to dial in the desired legibility.

Once you start looking at high quality replica watches like this, you notice subtle differences and details. Some brands fall prey to the temptation of overcomplicating things — “Some decoration here, an extra color there, and let’s do a cool sunburst too.” Legibility is usually the first casualty. Others exercise great control and restraint, resulting in amazingly legible fake watches paypal. This is often a matter of building the right visual hierarchy. The eye should go to the most important stuff first and only notice secondary functions and decorations afterward.

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